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How to be a Winner

How to be a Winner in Everything you Do - Part 2 People who are successful- those people we consider winners -in their personal and professional lives share several common characteristics and attributes that allow them to deal with adversity and temporary failures. Anyone can develop these winning characteristcs and attributes and actually learn now to be successful in all aspects of live.

Here are the four winning characteristcs found in common among successful people in all walks of life.

4) Flexibility

Winners are those people who accept and adapt to changing conditions. Losers tend to stick with routine and resist change regardless of potential benefits. Flexibility means being open to new ideas and new ways of doing things, and being willing to try them when old ideas and techniques no longer work. Very few people ever got to be successful by resisting change.

5) Determination

You may have a goal and possess self-motivation, a positive mental approach, and flexibility and still be a loser. That's because yu lack the determination to keep going when the going gets tough. Without the neccessary determination to keep pursuing your goal, regardless of the problems or adversity you may face, your chances of achieving success are slim, at best. On the other hand, if you are determined to reach your goal, even if a well-meaning friend or colleague tell you it's impossible, you probably will.

Your persistence in overcoming obstacles or a lack of faith in others is an essential characteristic for being a winner.

6) Confidence

You won't go far without a belief in yourself. Confidence in your ideas and abilities can give you the inner strength to forge ahead toward your goal even in the toughest of times. It's an essential characteristic you need to develop if you are to reach your true potential.

People who lack self-confidence are seldom positive. They're also reluctant to take risks or set goals because they believe they are bound to fail. Success requires unwavering confidence, even when others question your abilities and your judgement.

The key to developing self-confidence is knowledge. The more you know and understand about what you want, the more confident you'll become. That doesn't mean you have to be smarter. It just means that you'll need to learn all you can about the various methods available for reaching your goal. Winners are people who study what they plan to do until they understand how to do it. Armed with such knowledge and its resulting self-confidence, these people are more likely to succeed.

7) Self-Discipline

You already may possess most of the characteristcs described above and still fall short of your goals. For many people, failure is due to a lack of self-discipline. No amount of confidence and determination will lead to success if you don't have the self-discipline to follow an orderly plan. That doesn't mean you can't "goof off" occasionally. It simply means that in order to achieve success you'll need to discipline yourself to do the things that need to be done, when they need to be done.

Winners are not people who go after their gols with an "I can do that tomorrow or the next day" attitude. Winners are disciplined people who know the value of getting things done on time.

One way to become a winner in everything you do is to study successful people and then follow their examples. You don't have to make yourself over in someone else's image. But you should learn and develop the winning characteristcs these people have in common. It's not an impossible task. If you are willing to make the necessary changes in thinking, attitudes and behavior, you can realize your full potential and achieve whatever goals you set.


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