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Welcome to your Beach Body 12 Week Fitness Plan - This Personalized Beach Body Plan is designed to help you build muscle, tone up and get in shape for the upcoming Beach Season or for your next Tropical Swim Wear vacation.

Don't wait another day to build the Perfect Body for the Summer Season. Our Beach Body Fitness Plan will make sure you look your best when you are wearing your least.

You're Beach Body 12 Week Fitness Plan Jumps you into fat burning and muscle building mode right away.

Weeks 1 and 2 incorporate a blend of 3 Days of High Intensity Cardio Training along with 2 Days of High Intensity Interval Weight Training that is sure to help you get in shape fast.

Weeks 3 through 6 shift you into high gear...building even more muscle with 3 Days of Beach Body Specific Fitness Training with Split 1 focusing on Chest and Back, Split 2 working your Core, Biceps and Triceps for that sculpted Beach Body look and Split 3 building a strong Back along with toned and sculpted Legs. You will also complete High Intensity Interval Cardio Training in between your Beach Body Muscle Building Days to help you to burn fat fast.  

You will be maximizing exercises such as such as Ball Dumbbell Chest Press to tone your upper body. Click Here to see how Ball Dumbbell Chest Press is done.

Week 7 allows you to take a break on muscle building and focuses totally on burning more fat to lean you out and get you ready again for weeks 8 through 10 with more Beach Body Muscle Building Routines and more High Intensity Split Resistance Training.

Finish your 12 Weeks of the Ultimate Beach Body Fitness Training with your final week of Fat Burning High Intensity Interval Cardio for your finishing touches on your Beach Body Training.

Now you can build muscle, burn fat and get in the Ultimate Beach Body Fitness Shape in 12 Short Weeks with your very own customized Perfect Beach Body Fitness Plan today!

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You will train 5 days per week doing 2 days of high intensity fast fitness cardio and then sculpt that brand new beach body with 3 high intensity resistance split body training.

Each week starts out with an awesome chest/back workout, then midweek you will tone and tighten your core muscles along with sculpting your triceps and biceps, and you will finish out our weight training week with a challenging leg and Shoulder training session.

These three day high intensity workout splits are designed to focus on your total body in 20 minute short duration, high intensity and maximum results training, using simple training equipment with a set of fitness bands and an exercise ball.

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